sasheer zamata saturday night live debut gi 'Saturday Night Live': How was Sasheer Zamata on her first night?After months of controversy and a nationwide talent search, “Saturday Night Live” finally hired a black female cast member. Sasheer Zamata made her debut on the Jan. 18 episode with host and musical guest Drake.

Drake, a.k.a. Aubrey Graham, was an actor (on Canadian teen soap “Degrassi”) for many years, so the show was bound to be good — or at least have a little more life than the typical double threats with little acting experience.

Zamata made her first appearance during Drake’s monologue in a flashback to his Bar Mitzvah. She had one line — “Mazel Tov!” — as Drake’s uncle’s girlfriend. But still! It was great to see her face in the first few minutes of the show.

She also made it into the second skit of the night as Rihanna dancing through the “Blossom” credits — and although that sounds really minor, it was hilarious. A solid start to a great show, and, even better, although the attention was clearly going to be on her performance, they didn’t actually winkingly call attention to that fact.
They pretty much put her in every skit, and she was awesome in every one.

How do you think Zamata is doing in her first “SNL” show?

Posted by:Jean Bentley