jonah hill leonardo dicaprio snl 'Saturday Night Live': Leonardo DiCaprio crashes Jonah Hill's monologue to recreate 'Titanic'

Third time’s the charm, clearly.

Jonah Hill took over hosting duties for the third time on “Saturday Night Live” on Jan. 25, and his monologue was crashed by none other than his “Wolf of Wall Street” co-star Leonardo DiCaprio — who has yet to host “SNL” himself. That needs to be fixed, ASAP. Lorne Michaels, got on that.

Not only was DiCaprio a total scene-stealer, but it was clear from the screams in the studio and the resulting social media explosion that everyone loves DiCaprio. Young females all over the world got a little more than envious when DiCaprio reenacted a certain famous “Titanic” scene with Hill. Yeah, the jealousy is real.

So how did DiCaprio make his grand entrance? After Hill began to trash talk DiCaprio to the audience, the “Titanic” star walked out onstage, shaming Hill. “What the hell are you doing, man?” DiCaprio asks. “I came here to support you. I was backstage the whole time.”

He then gave Hill a thorough lecture on reining in his ego, just like a dad would with a petulant child. It. Was. Perfect.

DiCaprio: “What were you doing? Just be honest.”

Hill: “I was uh, acting like a big shot.”

DiCaprio: “And what did we say about acting like a big shot?”

Hill: “Like, I, uh, shouldn’t do it.”

DiCaprio: “What did we say to do instead?”

Hill: “Just like, try to be, like, be the best version of me or whatever.”

And then “Titanic” happened. 

Of course, DiCaprio wasn’t the only co-star of Hill’s that made an appearance. His “Superbad” co-star Michael Cera even made a surprise cameo during Hill’s “Her” parody, “Me.” 

What did you think of Hill’s third time hosting “SNL?” Did you wish DiCaprio would have just stayed to help host? That would have been epic.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum