colin jost saturday night live weekend update debut cecily strong 'Saturday Night Live': New Weekend Update anchor Colin Jost debutsJim Parson’s “Saturday Night Live” hosting debut also marked the first appearance of head writer Colin Jost as the newest co-host of Weekend Update alongside Cecily Strong, and he charmed his way through the whole ten minutes.

Jost and Strong together bring a younger vibe to the show, and Jost’s charming smile masked some of his nerves. Strong’s months of experience showed, as she seemed remarkably more comfortable next to him.

The jokes were sharp, but you could still imagine Seth Meyers’ delivery as Jost read them. Given some time, he could fit in nicely. But for now, it just made Meyers’ departure much more obvious.

What did you think of Jost’s debut? Does he have potential?

Posted by:Jean Bentley