kevin hart quvenzhane wallis saturday night live 'Saturday Night Live': Quvenzhane Wallis as Pope skit is Kevin Hart's best

Kevin Hart had plenty of great skits during his time hosting “Saturday Night Live,” but his best was arguably Jason Sudeikis‘ “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer” sketch. In it, the new Pope is allegedly named, and it’s not who anyone expected.

In a strange twist of events, 9-year-old Oscar nominee Quvenzhane Wallis — played by Hart, of course — becomes the first African American and first female Pope. “Wow, wow wow wow, I don’t think anyone saw this coming,” Sudeikis deadpans. To celebrate, Hart’s Wallis does her signature fist-pump and then does the dougie. That’s enough to win over even Kenan Thompson‘s jealous Cardinal character.

Other notable highlights of the skit include Hart saying, “Who da man? I’m da man” — Wallis’ iconic “Beasts of the Southern Wild” line — in Latin, and his Wallis riding a Cardinal as a “horsie.” “That’s got to be a first, but probably isn’t,” Sudeikis’ Blitzer quips. “SNL” is definitely on a roll with this string of religious sketches.

Though this was a favorite of the night, Hart also impressed during “SNL’s” “The Walking Dead” parody and the Dove Chocolate commercial voice over auditions skit. Not as great was his opening monologue, which featured him making fun of homeless people for the vast majority of the time. Next time, he should make the monologue a bit less mean and a lot funnier.

What did you think of Hart’s “SNL” episode?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz