saturday night live lady gaga sketch poll nbc 'Saturday Night Live' video: Rob Ford, Kimye and Lady Gaga

“Saturday Night Live” made good use of the show’s host and musical guest, Lady Gaga. With hardly any duds, the sketches were mostly amusing and poked fun at everything from Blockbuster to Toronto mayor Rob Ford to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Watch the “SNL” sketches below and then vote on your favorite.

Rob Ford cold open

Although the humor in this opening skit depended a little too much on stereotypical pronunciations of “sorry” and “about,” it also managed to show accurately how Ford does nothing but dig his hole a little deeper.

Paxil: Second-term strength

Is President Obama feeling depressed these days? That would be fair. And now there’s an antidepressant aimed just at him!

Waking Up with Kimye

A parody of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian offered the first chance for Lady Gaga to show off her comedic acting. She did a pretty good job poking fun at fame and excessive costuming.

“Do What U Want”

Gaga brought out R. Kelly to help with her first musical performance.

Weekend Update

In addition to its normal news mockery, “Weekend Update” also featured a Mr. Senior video and some reviews by Jebediah

Co-op board

It’s scary when it’s the co-op board that has to appeal to the potential resident.

Spotlightz Acting Camp

Because all child actors need to know how to perform death scenes and channel Walter White from “Breaking Bad.”


For her second song, Lady Gaga performed gypsy in a dress that might have been made out of giant, rainbow-colored potato chips.

Blockbuster closes

Where do Blockbuster employees go when they no longer have a home? This skit has the answers.

Rose Zone

The scary part is how this channel would totally be a hit, showing nothing but the trashiest bits of reality television.

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Posted by:Laurel Brown