saturday night live louis ck poll nbc 'Saturday Night Live' with Louis C.K.: What were the best and worst sketches?

Louis C.K. on “Saturday Night Live”? What could be better than that?

But not every “SNL” sketch is created equal, so it’s definitely worthwhile to figure out which sketches worked and which did not.

Before getting to the individual sketches, however, it may be necessary to point out that just about every moment that included host Louis C.K. was hilarious. He was even funny in the parts that didn’t really make sense. That’s why we love him.

The good

As one should expect, Louis C.K.’s opening monologue was odd, brilliant and terribly amusing. If you want to know why he is a successful comedian, this is it.

Musical guest Sam Smith was pretty impressive too. Much more passionate and voice-focused than many guests, you could tell this was real music.

When it comes to normal sketches, the best may have been the odd but impressively funny video involving Darth Vader action figures that may or may not be stuck up people’s butts. It didn’t make too much sense, but it certainly was funny.

The bad

It’s probably good that there were no terrible sketches in this “Saturday Night Live” (although the taste displayed by “Dyke & Fatz” was questionable). But some still didn’t quite measure up.

The one about the boss with a baby’s body, for example, was only even a little funny for a few seconds. After that, it was just awkward — even if you have to admire the physical skills required to pull it off.

Later in the show, “Mr. Big Stuff” was amusing enough, but the lack of a real joke kind of hurt the sketch.

And then there was Weekend Update. Were any of those jokes meant to be funny?

And the ???

As is so often the case with “Saturday Night Live,” sketches later in the show sometimes seem a little bit odd. That’s the best explanation for skits like the one in which Louis C.K.’s character and a lover talk about having an affair (and cutting holes in pajamas?) for several minutes. What exactly was that about?

The odd little commercial for some kid named Chris Fitzpatrick may fit into this category as well. That was an “SNL” sketch, wasn’t it?

Finally, there’s the bit in which Louis C.K. sort of declares undying love to his girl. And then talks about Baby Jessica, theme parks, death and garbage bags.

None of these are terrible. But they don’t make much sense either.

Now it’s time for your opinion on this installment of “Saturday Night Live” vote for your favorite sketch in the poll below!

Posted by:Laurel Brown