Bill Hader stopped by the KTLA studios in Los Angeles on Thursday (Mar. 17) to chat about his upcoming alien film, “Paul.”

Zap2it sat down with the “Saturday Night Live” funny man to dish on some of his favorite characters from the show, as well as the inspiration for his popular “Stefon” character.

“It’s based on this guy I saw in a coffee shop,” he says of his NYC-dweller alter-ego that always has us in stitches during the “Weekend Update” segment. Hader explains how he and a co-writer added exaggerated face and clothes touching to the character mannerisms because, “we kinda figured Stefon is on a lot of drugs.”

In addition to Stefon, Hader says some of his favorite characters to play on the show include Herb Welch — a senior news reporter who consistently hits interviewees in the face with his microphone — and Italian talk show host, Vinny Vedecci.

Our favorite impersonation? Vincent Price, whose sketches never fail to crack us up.

Watch the first clip of our interview with Hader above to see why he has so much fun with his Price impression. We’ve also included a clip of one of our absolute favorite Hader moments from this past season with host, Jon Hamm. Watch below. 

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci