james idol 320 'Saturday Night's Alright' for James Durbin on 'American Idol'

He can control fire. He can jump from pianos. He has a lot of hairspray in his hair. He can scream. He wears a bandanna tail. He is James Durbin.
James turned “American Idol’s” Top 11 “the remix” into a rock concert on Wednesday, Mar. 30. The Durbinator took on Elton John’s classic “Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)” and completely rocked the house, pyrotechnics included. 
Durbin decided to follow Steven Tyler’s advice and take out the pop and go full-out rock. Durbin started off in the audience before walking down the stairs to the stage where he sang from atop a piano before it later caught on fire. Yes, it literally caught on fire. Being the pyromaniacs that we are, we loved the performance, which didn’t really feel like it was part of a competition.
What did the judges have to say? Tyler told James, “You brought the heat. You got a really good rock voice.” He went on to tell James not to wear out his welcome on the stage, which we really didn’t understand but whatever. Randy Jackson said, “You enjoy yourself. I feel felt like you were having a good time. Dude, that was a great, great, great performance.”

Jennifer Lopez agreed with us, saying she felt like she was at a rock concert, not judging “Idol.” “I forget that it’s a competition show,” she said. “I feel like I’m at a show. It was really a full performance.”
Did you love James Durbin’s performance as much as the judges (and us)?

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