lark voorhies saved by the bell yahoo 'Saved By The Bell's' Lark Voorhies denies bipolar disorder rumors with incoherent ramblingBest known as Lisa Turtle on “Saved By The Bell,” Lark Voorhies is making headlines these days for some bizarre behavior and her shockingly altered appearance (above) from a Yahoo! interview.

Last month, People magazine ran some very odd interviews with the 38-year-old actress, whose mother says she suffers from bipolar disorder and has been deeply traumatized. This week, Voorhies sat down with Entertainment Tonight to refute those rumors. She assures fans that she’s in good mental health, but her incoherent responses to questions asked tell a very different story.

“It is a small opinionata [sic] that is getting blown thoroughly out of proportion. I have no stating reasons why anyone should worry about me. I mean clearly I am a very strong, top of the line, always rising to it personage, and I have no worries myself, nor do I exude, exhibit or possess within my
living stratus any reason why someone should worry in my behalf. It’s just, it’s not, it’s completely fictional,” she says.

As for how she keeps herself together, she says, “It’s much like fighting a, you know, when you enlist in the Army, you get
yourself physically fit, mentally fit and informational-wise fit, so
it’s just the same. It’s like stage boot camp. You know, you put all the
right elements together and you keep them going and you keep them going and you keep them going. Round and round the world goes. We have to be
entertainers. This is our particular angle.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie