scandal mellie fitz 'Scandal'   'A Criminal, a Whore, an Idiot and a Liar': Shonda Rhimes on Fitz's big demandThis post has spoilers for Thursday’s (Jan. 17) episode of “Scandal.” Fair warning if you haven’t watched yet.

You may have seen it coming when Mellie (Bellamy Young) told Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) he could have anything he wanted now that he’s back on his feet and back in the Oval Office. Fitz, having just spent the episode (improbably) looking presidential enough to force Sally Langston back to the vice president’s office, decides to ask for something else he wants.

A divorce.

It’s not the most surprising revelation, given the sorry state of Fitz and Mellie’s marriage, but it could also throw yet another twist into “Scandal’s” already serpentine story. In a recent interview with reporters, creator Shonda Rhimes addressed how Fitz’s decision might affect things going forward.

“We will see him make an effort to see if divorce is possible,” Rhimes says, noting that Mellie won’t be sure if it’s really Fitz asking for the divorce or a side effect of his head wound.

“I think some people will assume this is part of the [assassination attempt] and some people will think it is very, very real,” she says. Asked how Olivia (Kerry Washington) might respond to the notion, Rhimes repeats the answer.

So what does Rhimes herself think?

“I think it’s real,” she says. “What the characters think aside, I think Fitz — you go through something like that and you wake up and think, ‘I’m done. I’m done pretending.’ I think he’s done pretending. And I think for a very long time he’s been a man who’s wanted to be done pretending and hasn’t had the opportunity to walk away from this life that he feels caged into. He’s a man who has everything and hates having everything.”

What did you think of “Scandal” this week? Did you see Fitz’s demand coming?

Posted by:Rick Porter