khandi alexander scandal season 3 gi 'Scandal' casts 'Treme's' Khandi Alexander as Olivia's momGet ready for the mother of all flashbacks, “Scandal” fans.

After revealing that Olivia Pope’s (Kerry Washington) mom was aboard the shot-down civilian airliner at the center Operation Remington, it’s been announced that “Treme” star Khandi Alexander has been cast as the deceased matriarch.

Alexander will recur as Maya Lewis, beginning in flashbacks in Thursday’s (Nov. 7) episode, THR reports. Not only was it revealed during last week’s episode that Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) was the one who shot down Maya’s plane off the coast of Iceland, but he did so under orders from Olivia’s diabolical father — Maya’s husband — Rowan (Joe Morton).

Goldwyn tells THR that Olivia’s mother becomes a “major issue” in the white-hatted fixer’s life.

“You can only imagine what that would be like to find out that your mother did not die in the way that you thought she died, in terms of it being a willful act. It’s surreal for Olivia,” he says. “The audience can imagine what that must be like to find out that your mother was murdered along with hundreds of other people. So the fact that her father was behind it is incomprehensible. It’s going to really complicate [Olivia and Rowan’s relationship] because Rowan remains a very dangerous person. It’s not like everyone can just expose him or take him out. It becomes a very volatile and dangerous situation. You can imagine how devastating it is for Olivia.”

“Scandal” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Let us know if you think Alexander is the right choice for Olivia’s mom in the comments below.

Posted by:Billy Nilles