scandal drinking game season 3 premiere abc 'Scandal' drinking game: Plan your premiere party rightAt long last, “Scandal” returns for Season 3 on Thursday (Oct. 3). While you count down the hours until we see how Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) handles her new reality now that her name has been leaked as Fitz’s (Tony Goldwyn) mistress and plan your premiere viewing parties, Zap2it‘s here to help make your premiere night even more fun: We’ve put together our official “Scandal” drinking game.

So, if you’re an adult of legal drinking age, stock your fridge and get ready to get your Gladiator on. (And, as always, please drink responsibly.)

* Every time Olivia drinks, raise your glass to the TV in a toast
*When Harrison (Columbus Short) makes a speech about loyalty, the last person to put their hand on their heart takes a shot
*Take a shot when someone says “Gladiator.”
*If (okay, when) Cyrus (Jeff Perry) has a meltdown, take a drink
*One sip if Mellie (Bellamy Young) enters a scene with her hair up, two if her hair is down
*Take a drink when Olivia and Fitz’s love theme music plays
*Take a drink when Fitz acts like the worst president in history
*If a camera shot happens through a window or half-open door, look at the screen through your glass and then take a drink
*During the inevitable ’70s funk-soundtracked montage, pass the bottle around the group, hot potato-style — Whoever’s holding at the end takes a shot
*The first person to correctly ID the other Shonda Rimes project a guest star/new character was a part of chooses someone else to take a shot
*When someone declares, “It’s handled,” chug what’s left in your cup

Oh, and because something has to soak up all this booze, whenever Olivia eats popcorn, everyone eats a handful themselves.

“Scandal” returns for Season 3 on Thursday (Oct. 3) at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Posted by:Billy Nilles