joe morton scandal gi 'Scandal': Joe Morton talks Olivia and Rowan's complicated relationshipAs last week’s Season 3 premiere of “Scandal” made clear, Olivia Pope isn’t exactly what you’d call a daddy’s girl.

After the Season 2 finale revealed that the devious Rowan (Joe Morton) was, in fact, Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) father, the premiere drove home the fact that these two have a very broken relationship. Thursday’s (Oct. 10) episode, the flashback-laden “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,” will shine a light on whatever it was that tore father and daughter apart, Morton promises.

Speaking with THR, Morton says, “What ever happened in their past, clearly there was a moment when he sent her away and they lived their separate lives and you’ll see all the details of that. You’ve seen in the first episode that their relationship is not a warm and cozy one and you’ll see depths of all of that.”

Morton hints that B613, the black-ops group Rowan runs with an iron fist, very well might be at the heart of the estrangement that occurred after his wife’s death. “Over time it will become clearer and clearer as to what that was all about, why it happened and what was involved,” he teases. “B613 has something to do with their differences, but when that happened and exactly what was the moment, etc., I’m not clear on. There are still some bits of history that Shonda [Rhimes] hasn’t let us in on.”

As for whether Rowan and Olivia might ever resolve their issues, Morton says there’s “always the possibility of repair,” but doesn’t seem too hopeful. “It’s like any other family that is somewhat dysfunctional in one area or another. Whether that repair actually happens, is up to these individuals. One one hand, I could say, yes it’s possible, but at the moment it seems improbable.”

Do you think there’s hope for peace in the Pope family? Or are they a lost cause? Let us know in the comments below.

Posted by:Billy Nilles