scandal finale table read abc 'Scandal' Season 2 finale: The cast reveals their reaction to that jaw dropping reveal“All I’m going to say is: The last word will drop your jaw,” Scott Foley told reporters, regarding the Season 2 finale of ABC’s addictive hit drama “Scandal.” And he wasn’t wrong.

As their finale was airing on the east coast on Thursday (May 17), Foley and the rest of the “Scandal” cast were being feted at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences — a night that included the show’s first-ever onstage table read, using the finale script.

Zap2It was on hand at the event and, once that last word was read to the audience, who was hearing the material for the first time ever, the place erupted into gasps, cheers, and thunderous applause. Immediately, a Q&A began, led by “Access Hollywood” host Shawn Robinson, who asked the cast when they learned of the episode’s surprise ending. (Spoiler: It involves Kerry Washington‘s Olivia, guest star Joe Morton‘s Rowan and some very shocking paternity. For a full recap, head here!)

All at once, the cast yelled over each other, “At the table read!” Katie Lowes, who plays Quinn, gushed, “We all turned to the same page and did the same thing [as the audience!]” Morton, on the other hand, teased, “The satisfying part is, I knew all along.”

Washington, who was kept in the dark along with the others, told the audience, “What’s really funny is when Joe Morton walked in the room for the very first episode he appeared in, I almost had a heart attack because I grew up in a household where Joe Morton is a great American hero. He was the first guest star that I literally called home about. So every week I would say to Joe, ‘I really hope we have some scenes together this episode.’ And he would smile and say, ‘We do, we do.'”

Prior to the reading, Foley expounded on the cast’s reaction to the conclusion, saying, “There’s so many questions that are answered and then these new questions pop up and we were all so taken aback. It was right there in front of us and we didn’t know — it was right there!”

What did you think about the final “Scandal” shock of the season, Gladiators?

Posted by:Billy Nilles