scott foley scandal season 3 abc 'Scandal' Season 3, episode 16: A bomb is dropped on B613On the latest “Scandal” episode, titled “The Fluffer,” it’s the night the lights went out in B613.

B613, a bomb and Olivia’s mother

In the high-stakes spy game world, Olivia is still dead-set on shutting down B613 — so much so that when Huck finds a way to hack the system that is dependent on Olivia planting a device on Jake’s phone, she sleeps with Jake to get the job done, despite being pretty disgusted with him killing James and just generally turning into her father.

Of course, it’s not that simple … because Jake turning into her father is that double-edged sword of repulsion and attraction. Also, how sad was it when Jake pleads softly with her, “I asked you to save me and you said no.”

When Olivia echoes Jake’s sentiments of missing her, it’s not a complete lie. She does miss Jake, plus she’s mad and jealous that Fitz’s nose is out of joint about his wife’s affair with Andrew. Olivia’s love life is a hot mess, y’all.

But anyway, Huck’s hack successful and Olivia takes B613 completely offline — right at the moment they are tracking her mother, Adnan and co. with a bomb that they are looking to use either at the White House or on the campaign trail for President Grant’s reelection.

As Jake growls at Olivia in the final frames, she just killed the president. (But of course, we as TV viewers know that President Grant is not going to be killed in the season finale or something, so what else do you suppose the show has in store?)

Oh, and Quinn wants to come back to the fold, which we already knew, but now Charlie knows. That can’t be good.

The Campaign

Meanwhile, Fitz is having fits about the state of his marriage, which is so gross and laughable that we almost cannot bear to look at him when he’s on screen. But Olivia makes him say it out loud — he needs Andrew to stop sleeping with his wife.

Andrew appeals to Olivia’s heart by professing his love for Mellie (after he also told Mellie she deserves to be with someone who truly loves her), but in the end, he chooses power over love and agrees to stop the affair.

Finally, it’s a big week for Abby. She’s Olivia’s proxy at the White House — because the Fitz-Jake-B613 stuff is really keeping Olivia’s plate full — so Abby is in charge of taking Reston down a notch, especially with women.

Remember how Reston thought he was protecting his wife from rape when he shot their contractor dead, but then it turned out he was planning it all along and just used her cry of rape to make himself look like a hero? And now his wife is in prison for it?

Abby teams up with Sally Langston’s campaign to fire a shot at Reston by telling his wife what he did. When she confronts him and says she’ll divorce him, he’s a jerk to her, saying he’s governor and no one will believe her and he’ll have her shipped off to the looney bin.

The conversation is, of course, taped and put online by Abby and Reston takes a huge hit, leaving the office to be contested by Fitz and Sally.

Only two episodes left this season, Gladiators.

Best Lines:

Cyrus: “Gabby?”
Abby: “Abby.”
Cyrus: “Abby. I almost feel sorry for what is about it happen to you.”

Abby: “You don’t get to run. You’re a Gladiator. Gladiators don’t run, they fight. They slay dragons, they wipe off the blood and stitch up their wounds, and they live to fight another day. You don’t get to run.”

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