george-newbern-katie-lowes-guillermo-diaz-scandal-ABC.jpg“Scandal” wraps up Season 3 on Thursday (April 17) with “The Price of Free and Fair Elections,” which sees everyone on a mad hunt for the bomb Olivia’s mom planted in the penultimate episode this season. Star George Newbern teases for Zap2it that the finale is going to completely reboot the show, plus what’s in store for Charlie, Quinn and Huck.

When we last saw Huck and Quinn, they were having some dirty, dirty sex on the hood of a car, which makes us think perhaps Charlie is on his way out. But Newbern says it won’t be so simple.

“I don’t think Charlie is definitely going to go away, get his feelings hurt, take his toys and go home,” says Newbern, saying that he does think Charlie has real feelings for Quinn — insofar as someone like Charlie can have real feelings. “I don’t think that he understands what a real relationship is. And neither does she. Neither does Huck. None of these people know really what’s appropriate. I think you’ve got a triangle of immature people who are trying their best and trying to figure it out against the backdrop of this awful, weird stuff that they do.”

george newbern getty 'Scandal' Season 3 finale sets the show 'in a completely new direction,' teases star George Newbern“Charlie’s such an interesting guy,” he continues, “because he’s so clueless. He’s
not self-aware. He’s great at his job, but he says what’s on his mind
when he should probably keep his mouth shut, which makes him a fun guy
to play.”

Based on the preview clip below, it certainly looks as though Quinn has made her choice. But we don’t think for one second that that’s the end of the story for the “Scandal” writers. Newbern agrees, saying that the show goes a little crazy by episode’s end.

“It’s like five storylines get tied up and then at the same time, the show is completely unhinged at the end,” Newbern tells Zap2it. “The show is set in a completely new direction at the end and I’m amazed at how they do it. That’s what’s good writing. That’s how they manage to maintain the level of drama on a show like this.

“In less capable hands, this show would have played itself out after six episodes. The fact that it’s now three seasons in … at the end of the finale, to me, I believe that they recalibrate the show to start all over again. The fact that they manage to do that is — we watched it on Friday night and we sat there and all went, ‘How the hell did they do that?’ It’s satisfying. It’s very satisfying. It’s like, ‘Oh. Oh. Oh! Wow!’ It sets it up for more drama down the road.”

Looking down the road, we’re curious if Newbern would like to see Charlie interact with someone the audience might not expect him to. He says Kerry Washington is top of the wishlist. “I would love to do something with Kerry. I think it would be hilarious. I think there’s a way for her to use Charlie for her own purposes. We’ll see. I mean, I would love to because she’s a blast,” he says.

The “Scandal” Season 3 finale airs Thursday (April 17) at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Watch a sneak peek clip below.

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