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In the market for a job? Maybe you’d fit in with the well-dressed, sharp-talking lawyers on “Suits.” Or, if you have a background in working at restaurants, maybe the Rammer Jammer of “Hart of Dixie” is more your style — but if you also have dreams of making it big on Broadway, the Spotlight Diner from “Glee” is more your speed. 
So dust off those resumes, iron your interview outfits, and start applying to positions! Unfortunately, none of the companies below are real, but you know, it probably doesn’t take much to start a fake psychic detective business — maybe just brush up on your deductive skills and drag your sarcastic best friend along for the ride. 
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Pearson Specter — “Suits”
The name partners at Pearson Specter have changed so frequently over the past season, that they don’t even have an updated sign in their lobby. At any rate, being a lawyer in the fray at a firm such as Pearson Specter may be for the best. To be another lawyer who just looks on at all trouble Jessica, Harvey, Louis and their associates get into is probably in your best interest, just be sure not to get involved in all the hype. Although, if you caught wind about Mike’s little secret, you could use that as leverage to score a new office – we hear Scottie’s is available. Yes that’s blackmail, but it’s nothing the show hasn’t seen before. We know very little about the rest of the lawyers in the Pearson Specter firm. We assume there are more on staff than the main cast members on “Suits,” but who knows. Maybe there is an unknown lawyer, lurking in the shadows of Harvey and Jessica, trying to inch their way to the top with all of the staffing shake-ups will be their new nemesis come Season 4.

veronica mars mars investigations x 'Scandal,' 'Suits,' 'Teen Wolf,' and more: The top 10 best TV show offices
Mars Investigations — “Veronica Mars”
For as long as we can remember, it was just Veronica and her father Keith in their small two-room office. Veronica may be all grown up now, and Keith is back at the sheriff’s department, but we imagine in their heyday, this would have been an awesome after-school job for one of the Neptune High students. Even if the job was just making sure Keith kept his head on straight while Veronica was out solving crimes and uncovering murderers. In the “Veronica Mars” movie, we saw Veronica make the decision to return to her life as a private investigator with Mac in tow, but something tells us the two of them won’t be able to handle the size the company is likely grow to — they need our help!

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Dunder Mifflin — “The Office”
They never really got a whole lot of work done, and days in the office were more or less spent in the conference room, debating the merits of Michael’s latest hijinks or planning a party with the Party Planning Committee. It was a good, stable job though — people like Jim, Dwight, Michael and Pam had been there for years before becoming disgruntled with the fact they were selling paper for a living. Despite that tiny detail though, they were happy. All of the aforementioned, plus a large majority of the rest of Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch employees found love and happiness with a co-worker, even if it did take them a few seasons to realize it (Kelly and Ryan, Gabe and Erin.)
marvels agents of shield shield logo abc 'Scandal,' 'Suits,' 'Teen Wolf,' and more: The top 10 best TV show offices
Actually, we’re not sure if we’d like to work for the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division at the moment. It is in a state of disarray and has seen better days when their team was stronger – and Fury was still at the helm. While the United States Government isn’t at the top of many job-hunters lists, it sure would be fun to work for the government in this capacity. You get to be a spy who gets to work alongside agents like Maria Hill and Phil Coulson. In the meantime, if you really want to work on your conspiracy theories, you could wager that S.H.I.E.L.D. already exists, somewhere in the depths of the CIA or FBI. The only way to find out is to start applying. It’s up to you to bring HYDRA down, now.
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Psych — “Psych”
Gus and Shawn would never admit it, but they could probably use some help around the Psych offices. There never seemed to be enough food for Shawn, and Gus was always concerned about the minute of running a business. Living in sunny Santa Barbara, working alongside two funny guys, what could go wrong? Well, the offices of Psych were not immune to the crimes and mysteries that the Santa Barbara Police Department. When Gus and Shawn roll up in the Blueberry, ready to put their sleuthing skills to work, they could have used a third helping hand to ensure the offices themselves stay well maintained and not too chaotic. We also imagine Gus would like another person around so Shawn could bother them for part of the time.
teen wolf beacon mills hospital mtv 'Scandal,' 'Suits,' 'Teen Wolf,' and more: The top 10 best TV show offices
Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital — “Teen Wolf”
At first glance, Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital might not be the ideal place to work — particularly if you’re a doctor. Ritual sacrifices, serial killers, and demonic ninjas don’t exactly make for a safe environment. But if you can look past the blood stains that still mark the walls from the latest attack, then you’ll see that Beacon Hills Memorial is also a place of miracles. A student with epilepsy was inexplicably cured after a routine checkup. Another student survived a deadly electrocution in the parking lot. And still others have walked away with less pain than they had upon entering — even before seeing the doctor! The high mortality rate of Beacon Hills keeps the hospital alive with a flurry of activity, but it also seems as though a patron saint may be watching over its halls. (Written by Karen Rought)
glee spotlight diner fox 'Scandal,' 'Suits,' 'Teen Wolf,' and more: The top 10 best TV show offices
Spotlight Diner — “Glee”
If you’ve come to New York as a wannabe starlet like Rachel, Kurt and Santana, then Spotlight Diner is the place for you to make a few extra bucks in between auditions. Spotlight is based on Ellen’s Stardust Diner — a real restaurant where the staff (all actors in training) — put on high-quality karaoke musical performances, and the clientele are bound to be less annoyed by your penchant for randomly bursting into song than they would be back at Breadstix in boring old Lima. After all, it’s kind of what they’re paying for. Plus, you’d get to befriend (or eavesdrop on) Kurt, Rachel and Santana as they sing their way through the always-dramatic spectacle of their lives. (Written by Natalie Fisher)
hart of dixie rammer jammer cw 'Scandal,' 'Suits,' 'Teen Wolf,' and more: The top 10 best TV show offices
Rammer Jammer — “Hart of Dixie”
Well, first of all, if you worked at the Rammer Jammer, Wade would be you co-worker. That right there should be reason enough. But if it isn’t, then the eventual friendship with Zoe Hart (you could raid her closet!), Mayor Lavon Hayes, George Tucker and Lemon Breeland should be enough to sway you. Being a waitress at Bluebell’s local gathering spot becomes a promising position once you realize you’re in the center of all the activity and guaranteed to be in the know when it comes to town gossip. Unfortunately, there might not be much room to climb the ladder to corporate, considering ‘corporate’ consists of a guy who doesn’t like to wear shirts (Wade).
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Sterling Cooper & Partners — “Mad Men”
If you were to magically find a time portal to take you back to Madison Avenue in the 1960s, we wager Sterling Cooper & Partners would be a good place to take up employment. Once they got their financials in order, and realized what a lucrative investment a computer would be, the advertising agency rose to the cream of the crop. As we’ve seen on “Mad Men” Season 7 thus far, the creative world — and specifically, SC&P — has seen more women and minorities rise into positions of power (Peggy is a creative director! Joan is a partner! Dawn became office manager!)
scandal olivia pope and associates abc 'Scandal,' 'Suits,' 'Teen Wolf,' and more: The top 10 best TV show offices
Olivia Pope & Associates — “Scandal”
Olivia Pope takes care of her gladiators. What happens after they join Olivia Pope & Associates is up to them. That’s why her D.C.-based crisis communications PR firm makes the list of best places to work, so long as you make the right choices. If you have a bad past, you can create a new identity for yourself (like Quinn did), work to forget the person you once were (Harrison), try to move on and heal from past crimes committed against you (Abby) or hear from the past crimes you committed – and continue to commit (Huck). Olivia gives you the option to make something of yourself, but she will also let you fall, so, make good choices!
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