kerry washington 520 scandal abc 'Scandal': The 12 most OMG moments ... so far“Scandal” is a show that lives and dies by the jaw drop. You know what we mean, those moments that leave you barely able to catch your breath, panting, hungry for more. But not all OMG moments are made equal.

As we try to ignore our Olivia Pope withdrawals (only one month until Season 3 returns, guys!), we’ve put together the definitive ranking of the 12 most totally insane moments on “Scandal” so far. Pop yourself some popcorn, pour a glass of red wine and get ready. Because here we go.

12. Cyrus is revealed to be behind Amanda Tanner’s death

Oh, hey Season 1 twist. Look at you being cute and trying to shock with the reveal that President Grant’s (Tony Goldwyn) chief of staff Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry) was the man behind Amanda Tanner’s (guest star Liza Weil) death. And, yeah, it was shocking — for Season 1. But we’ve got people eating through their wrists now. This just seems like child’s play.

11. Huck pulls out Quinn’s tooth

The torture scenes between Huck (Guillermo Diaz) and Quinn (Katie Lowes) were tough to watch — in part because of what it meant for that relationship, but also because, yuck. When he just went in and yanked out that tooth? Shivers.

10. Cyrus pimps out James – and it works

For a man who almost had his husband killed, it seems silly to suggest that Cyrus’ lowest moment was when he coldly used James (Dan Bucatinsky) as bait for Daniel Douglas Langston’s (Jack Coleman) wandering eye. But, here we are. The fact that it worked and the devastating outcome it lead to? Well, that’s just icing on the OMG cake.

9. Mellie’s rape by her father-in-law

As the show slowly began to soften Mellie (Bellamy Young) in Season 3, this revelation, via flashback, of her rape at the hand of her drunk father-in-law was plenty divisive. And plenty shocking. The possibility that Fitz’a first born may actually be his half-brother? Yikes.

8. Sally Langston kills husband Daniel Douglas

That devastating outcome from Cyrus’ pimping we were mentioning earlier? Yeah, that’s this. Another dead body on his conscience and a wildly unstable Vice President of the United States with blood-stained hands. The effects of this one are still unclear, as Season 3 went into hiatus just as this occurred.

7. The truth behind Defiance

Olivia (Kerry Washington), Mellie, Cyrus, Hollis Doyle (Gregg Henry) and Supreme Court Justice Verna Thornton (Debra Mooney) rigged Fitz’s election? Consider us as shocked as he was.

6. Fitz gets shot in the head

This startling event made clear that not a single person on “Scandal” was safe. It also was the impetus behind Nos. 7 and 5 on this list.

5. Fitz kills Verna

After learning the truth about Defiance, and that she’d been the one to order his assassination attempt, a vengeful Fitz smothers Verna in her hospital room. Just to be clear, in America of “Scandal,” both the President and Vice President are murderers. Let that sink in.

4. Mama Pope chews through her own wrists

Sure, there are bigger shocking moments regarding Olivia’s presumed-dead mother (Khandi Alexander), but this one ranks simply because it elevated “Scandal” to the upper echelons of Grand Guignol. I mean, we literally watched as a desperate woman gnawed through her own wrists like a deranged vampire.

3. Mama Pope comes back from the dead

That look on Olivia’s face when her mom shows up right outside her apartment is killer. Imagine seeing your mom, when you’ve thought she was dead for years. Terrifying.

2. Who Mama Pope really is

And then imagine learning that your once-thought-dead mother, who you’ve just been reunited with, is an international terrorist who tricked your father into shooting down a plane.

1. Dad?

All that said, the biggest, baddest, most OMG moment came at the end Season 2. After months of wondering just who the threatening Rowan (Joe Morton) really is, Liv spells it all out for us: “Dad?” It was a cliffhanger that left us salivating for three months. It changed the world of the show. It’s the No. 1 Most OMG “Scandal” Moment ….so far.

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