bellamy young scandal abc 325 'Scandal's' Bellamy Young: 'What more could you ask for?'Zap2it: What is some of the stage work you have done?

Bellamy Young: In New York, I did “My Fair Lady” with Richard Chamberlain. I did the national tour of “Meet Me in St. Louis.” The most exciting were, Randy Newman did a musical version of Faust, and David Mamet did the book, and that was quite a ride, and the songs were incredible to sing. And then I did one of Lanford Wilson‘s, “Book of Days.”

Zap2it: What would be your ideal role?

Bellamy Young: Martha in “[Who’s Afraid of] Virginia Woolf?” But it’s ahead of me.

Zap2it: What do you think of your character Mellie?

Bellamy Young: I feel like we are just meeting Mellie in one of the harder moments of [her] life. She is an incredibly formidable woman.

Zap2it: Is she rich to mine as an actor?

Bellamy Young: On TV at my age and you get to be such a nuanced, complex, well-informed character. She and Fitz have had incredible years of joy and happiness and success, and now we meet them when their roads have diverged — and they fell in love … and for the first time and it’s not with you! And she is in the worst, worst moment. Her world should be perfect, and her world is laid barren. She is so smart. The scripts we get, the dialogue we get, the dialogue is so strong and real. Every time I yell at him, people know why I am yelling. And I get to be a brilliant, driven, loyal, loving woman in extreme pain every week. What more could you ask for?

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler