kerry-washington-chelsea-handler-E-news.jpg“Scandal” star Kerry Washington stopped by “Chelsea Lately” on Thursday (Nov. 14) where she talked with host Chelsea Handler about everything from her “Saturday Night Live” hosting gig to “Django Unchained.”

On “SNL”:

“That was one of the best weeks of my life, being able to go and play
with those really smart, really funny people. … It is like a
well-choreographed dance. At one point, I was hovering above ground
because this woman had held me while these other women were changing my
shoes and doing my makeup and then I was back onstage, it’s

“I got a text from Oprah. She actually made fun of me making fun of her, she said, ‘I loooooooooooved your Oprah.'”

Norton had hosted the week before and he sent me this really nice,
beautiful long email saying, ‘Please find like three moments during the
show to be really present and acknowledge where you are because it’s
going to pass you by so quickly.'”

On “Django Unchained” and how intense it could be to film:

“Jamie Foxx actually kept leaning over to me, because while we were shooting, the very first season of ‘Scandal’ was airing, so Jamie kept leaning over and asying, ‘How you doing, Olivia?’ to remind me that when playing Broomhilda von Shaft was done, that I got to go back to being this really empowered, strong, modern woman, so it was his way of keeping me sane in a situation that could have driven me out of my mind.”

“Scandal” airs Thursday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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