scarlett johansson weather report al roker today gi Scarlett Johansson gives a weather report on 'Today'

She’s a highly regarded actress now starring in “Hitchcock” and has spent years being the girl-next-door dream of many. But now Scarlett Johansson has a new entry for her resume: weather girl. The actress filled in for Al Roker on “Today,” thereby fulfilling a green-screen dream.

The exciting weather event happened when Roker had to bow out of his standard weather reporting due to a bout with laryngitis. As the video below shows, Johansson was more than willing to step in. It turns out that the young actress has had a lifelong dream to do the weather.

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Other than not giving us any meaningful indication of the locations of such places as New Orleans and Pennsylvania, Johansson did a pretty good job reading her weather script. While the local weather guy seen in this particular clip didn’t seem to have much reaction to the new weather girl, the folks on “Today” obviously got a big kick out of Johansson’s performance.

“And that’s your latest weather report. Here’s what’s happening in your neck of the woods!”

Posted by:Laurel Brown