scott disick the last supper instagram Scott Disick Last Supper Instagram photo: Kendall Jenner is Judas

What would the Last Supper look like if it had the extended Kardashian family sitting at the table instead of Jesus and his Apostles? Probably something a lot like the above image.

The Photoshopped picture, which shows Scott Disick as Jesus and Kendall Jenner as Judas, has made the rounds on the Internet after it was allegedly posted to Disick’s social media account. It’s reportedly since been deleted.

It’s not actually a new picture, though. The funny picture actually surfaced on the Keeping Up With Scott Tumblr account a year ago. In fact, Disick claims he doesn’t have an Instagram. Still, somehow the image is just as hilarious now, even though Kris Humphries is no longer technically still a member of the Kardashian clan.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz