Kardashian beaus Scott Disick and Kanye West seem to have become close, because the two men teamed up for a new short film promo for West’s new album “Yeezus.” In the “American Psycho”-inspired video, Disick plays a Patrick Bateman-like version of himself who is obsessed with West’s music.

In “American Psycho, Christian Bale‘s Bateman is obsessed with Huey Lewis and the News, and rants about the band before he kills his colleague Paul Allen, played by Jared Leto. Here it’s Kim Kardashian‘s friend Jonathan Cheban who is the victim of murder.

“Now Kanye’s decided to release this, ‘Yeezus,’ the most exciting record so far. It should be obvious by now that ‘New Slaves’ is the undisputed masterpiece on ‘Yeezus,’ a song so catchy that most people won’t even remember the lyrics — but they should,” Disick rants to Cheban before killing him in the video with an axe.

While Disick’s acting leaves something to be desired, this promo is a fun way of poking fun at Disick’s often-mentioned resemblance of Bateman. “American Psycho” author Bret Easton Ellis once said he wouldn’t approve an “American Psycho” remake unless it starred Disick of Miles Fisher, and Disick even went as the character to a Las Vegas Halloween party in 2012. In fact, Ellis takes responsibility for this entire skit.

“Scott Disick’s Dream Comes True in the promo that I originally wrote for Kanye’s new record but not a lot was used,” Ellis tweets.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz