scott foley felicity reunion gi Scott Foley wants a 'Felicity' reunion with Keri RussellIf you ‘shipped Felicity and Noel back in the day, you might want to brace yourself: Scott Foley‘s hoping for a “Felicity” reunion with his former leading lady.

Speaking with E! News, the current “Scandal” star admitted that he’d love to stage a mini-reunion with Keri Russell — albeit on her hit FX thriller, “The Americans.” “I would love to do a guest-starring thing on ‘The Americans,'” he says. “We have so many shows that we watch, but my wife and I DVR that show. Oh my God, Keri Russell is amazing. Matthew Rhys is amazing. Noah Emmerich is amazing. The whole cast is fantastic, and the fact that’s a period piece and they get to wear these f***ing clothes and dress up … I mean, it’s amazing.”

That said, Foley reveals he can’t reach out Russell to arrange a possible guest appearance: “I don’t have her cell phone number!” (Maybe Russell was more a Ben fan, herself?)

In fact, the two haven’t spoken in a while, he says. “We spoke briefly, Keri and I; she called me out of the blue,” Foley says of their last interaction. “She ran into someone that knew me and was at an event and she called me. It was like midnight. I was like, ‘What? Keri? What?’ Like a couple of years ago and that was the last I’ve heard from her.”

Would you love to see Foley and Russell together on the small screen again?

Posted by:Billy Nilles