scream 4 poster 'Scream 4': New poster, new trailer, new reshootsConsider the drumbeat leading up to the release of “Scream 4” officially started.

A new trailer debuted a couple weeks ago. A new poster is out now. And, oh yeah, director Wes Craven is still putting the finishing touches on the film with some 11th-hour reshoots. The poster is up above, and it keeps true to the spirit of past posters from the series — “Scream 3” in particular — with a terrified-looking female face staring out through the giant “4.” (The numeral is also incorporated into the title so it reads “SCRE4M.”)

As for the reshoots, Craven tweeted over the weekend that he was back in Michigan to get a few more shots for the movie. At least one of them involved “Community’s” Alison Brie, who plays Sydney’s (Neve Campbell) book publicist in the movie; Craven shared a picture of her in costume.

We’re assuming that this late in the game — the movie’s release is only two and a half months away — that any reshoots are minor tweaks and not major overhauls of the story. A local news report from Northville, Mich., where the bulk of the movie was shot, quoted a city official as saying the “Scream” crew was returning to do “some additional suspense and terror for opening sequence.”

We’re down for additional suspense and terror; how about you?

 In case you missed it, here’s the latest “Scream 4” trailer; the movie hits theaters on April 15.

Posted by:Rick Porter