scream 4 emma roberts 'Scream 4' star Emma Roberts not properly schooled in art of non spoiling

This is possibly spoiler-y. Consider yourself properly possible spoiler alerted.

Emma Roberts was just barely 9 years old the last time a “Scream” film was in the theaters, so maybe she’s not aware the fact that you’re not supposed to know who dies until after you see the film.

Speaking with MTV News, the “Scream 4” star may have accidentally given away her character’s fate when saying how spooked she is by the new trailer. “I was terrified,” she says. “I was there when we shot it and I’m still scared.”

MTV’s Josh Horowitz consoled her, saying, “It’s not real. It didn’t actually happen. You’re OK.”

At this point, Roberts pretty much makes it sound as though her character bites it, before catching herself and acknowledging that Dimension boss Harvey Weinstein would pick up where Ghost Face leaves off if she hadn’t.

It’s awkward and kind of amazing:

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell