scream 4 ghostface still 'Scream 4': Wes Craven distances himself from scriptBack in July, Zap2it was the first to bring you the news that Kevin Williamson‘s “Scream 4” script had been handed over to “Scream 3” scribe Ehren Kruger for rewrites, much to the chagrin of franchise fans who were looking forward to another Williamson/Wes Craven collaboration.

At the time, Wes Craven told us via Twitter, “I have not been given control of the script,” which made many fans – including those of us at Zap2it – concerned that the final product might not be what we’d hoped for.

Now, Craven elaborates to Total Film magazine. “I was just stating the fact. In some ways it’s a Wes Craven film, and in way it’s not entirely, because it’s not a script I have control of,” he says. “It’s ultimately controlled by what the studio wants in the script. My job is much more bringing whatever experience and expertise and creativity I can.”

Craven, a longtime supporter of Williamson’s work, says that in the end, the general message of the film remains intact. “Look, there was a bumpy period when things shifted over from Kevin to Ehren. I signed up to do a script by Kevin and unfortunately that didn’t go all the way through the shooting. But it certainly is Kevin’s script and concept and ideas and themes.”

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie