scream 4 4 'Scream 4's' Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere on script re writes and discovering the killer[Spoiler Alert:] One actor/actress is referenced in this article as not knowing how the film ends. We’ll warn you before you get that far, but read at your own risk.  

With “Scream 4” just around the corner, fans of the franchise are getting antsy to see what twists and turns Wes Craven has in store this time around. Amidst the excitement of the first ‘Scream’ film in 10 years, there has also been concerns following rewrites of Kevin Williamson‘s original script.

Zap2it caught up with two of the series’ newest stars, Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettiere. We got the scoop on how they felt about the rewrites and when exactly they learned the identity (or is it identities?) of Woodsboro’s latest Ghostface Killer.

“I knew from the beginning who the killer was going to be. Whether it was me or somebody else,” Panettiere teases. “But the ending was definitely kept from us for a little while. They were writing it and rewriting it and playing around with it so we had an idea, a general idea of it but it was subject to change.”

“That’s kind of how it always is though,” Roberts adds. “Whenever you sign on to things you’re always getting new pages because you know, reading a script is one thing but making it come to life with all these different people that don’t know each other — or some do and some don’t — it’s like you kind of need to do some tweaks to fit everyone’s relationships.”

Adding, “It was all pretty normal stuff. It was nothing too crazy at all. My part never changed drastically, just the words.”

When we asked whether any of the storyline had changed from Williamson’s original script or if it was simply dialogue, Roberts reiterated that it was merely the dialogue that had been tweaked.

Many reports have stated that cast members were only allowed to read the first 75 pages of the initial script, but both girls tell us that that’s not true.

“I read the whole thing,” Roberts tells us. “They had me go to Wes Cravens house and read it, which was kind of intimidating, and then I auditioned and I got the part.”

As for Panettiere, more details were kept under wraps.

“I was in Germany, they had somebody fly to Germany to watch me read the middle part of the script,” Panettiere says. “So it had no beginning. It had no end. Just the middle part of the script. And that was, of course, subject to change.”

While both actresses knew the secret identity of Ghostface, not everyone on set had the same privilege. We asked Roberts who was in on the secret, and how many were left out in the cold.

“Everyone said they [knew], but I think they were just saying that,” Roberts recalls. “Because half of them really didn’t.”

[Potential spoiler below]

One cast member acknowledged during a press conference on Wednesday (Mar. 23) that he had only just learned the identity of the killer that day.

“I don’t know if they didn’t trust me with the script, but they never gave me the script with the ending,” Anthony Anderson acknowledges. “I really just found out who the killer[s] [was/were] like 15-minutes ago.”

“I just found out… that it was the black guy,” he jokes. “New decade, new rules baby, the black guy doesn’t die first anymore.”

Dying to find out who gets slain in Woodsboro? Check out ‘Scream 4’ when it hits theaters April 15.

[Correction: A previous version of this article stated the release date as April 22]

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