Apparently, Emma Roberts isn’t just another pretty face with a smokin’ body. In the current issue of Women’s Health magazine, the “Scream 4” actress gets props from director Wes Craven on her literary skills. What the what?
“Most actors would sit around Twittering,” Craven says of Roberts. “She reads serious books and has a knowledge of several centuries’ worth of literature.”
First of all, LOL at “Twittering,” but otherwise a pretty solid compliment from the man who spun genius into the “Nightmare on Elm Street” horror movie franchise, among others, and helms the new “Scream” chapter.
“She knocked our socks off,” he also says. “She is intelligent and was able to pull a real performance even from her audition which we did via Skype. She has a great combination of an all-American look and tremendous gravitas and force.”
Of course, the feeling is mutual, “Having Wes Craven to work with as a director was really amazing,” Roberts says. “I mean, I really respect him and admire him so it was nice to get to work with him.”
So, are you impressed by Emma’s big books, too?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog