secret circle 'Secret Circle' recap: The Family TweenCassie notices early on that Jane is acting strangely as “The Secret Circle” opens. Melissa’s cousin comes to town to play and it appears Diana has an old crush on him. Faye is still torn up about her grandfather being dead. Cassie brings Jake to the clubhouse and Faye is there and sees him take a fancy stone without asking. Faye vows to show everyone who he really is. Cassie and Jake find out that the papers Calvin gives her include her family tree on her father’s side.

No one asks why she doesn’t use her father’s (John Blackwell) last name. Jake goes to the big boss and tells him that Cassie’s power comes from Balcoin, who was like the grandfather of black magic. Big boss says that killing Cassie is no longer an option. Cassie invites Jake to this maritime fundraiser thing and he says no. He says no and that he’s not interested, which naturally hurts the poor girl’s feelings. Faye recruits Adam to find out what’s wrong with Jake.

Charlie and Dawn go to the fundraiser together. She’s still trying to get the crystal from him, but he’s not having it. Cassie wears the sickest dress to the fundraiser. Before she goes, she asks Jane about the John Blackwell family tree and she goes blank. Then, Jake shows up in a kick-ass suit and apologizes and takes her to the dance where it doesn’t look like much money was earned. Diana dances with Melissa’s cousin, even though Melissa seems to be attempting some sort of cousin block. Outside the fundraiser, Jake talks to the big boss who says that they are bringing Cassie with them and they are doing so that evening. He goes to Cassie and tells her that her ancestors are monsters and that she should come with him. She’s furious that he has been studying her and refuses.

Meanwhile, Cassie gets a text from Adam that tells her that Jake is a witchhunter (he saw Jake talking to the big boss earlier). She tries to get away from him but the big boss and co. kidnap her and knock Jake out (he tries to rescue her — sweet). Adam confronts him but Faye says he’s being honest when he says that he cares about Cassie. Jane makes a remark to Dawn about how she was always obsessed with John Blackwell.

Jake, Faye and Adam go to the dock where big boss has taken Cassie. Jake distracts them with some fancy light bulb spell while Adam tries to free her. There’s a fight, because Adam can’t do anything without his masculinity being compromised, and Jake gets them off the boat. He leaves with the big boss, even though he just screwed up their plans to off Cassie. The big boss says that Cassie is not the only child of John Blackwell in the Circle! Dude got around. Does this mean that Cassie and Faye are sisters? Perfect.

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