secret princes finale tlc 'Secret Princes' finale sneak peek with Lord Rob WaltersOn TLC’s “Secret Princes,” four men with royal titles went undercover in Atlanta to try to meet women the old-fashioned way — by going undercover as mere mortals with menial jobs to see if the ladies would love them for who they are. But Lord Rob Walters had another advantage — his British accent.

The good looks probably didn’t hurt either, but Walters tells Zap2it ahead of the “Secret Princes” finale, where the guys finally spill their secret to the girls they’ve been dating, that he did have good luck with his accent. ”
When I was dating it Atlanta, I guess it was easier in that I had a London accent. That didn’t hurt. They liked that.”

Walters explains that he signed up for the show after having a conversation with his friend about a woman who was dating him for the wrong reasons. He has a higher profile in Europe than the U.S., considering he’s a model and TV presenter with a royal bloodline.

“We thought, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could go undercover and just
see how people treated you and how women would react to you? Would you
still be able to meet women if they knew nothing about you? It’s 50-50,
obviously. On one hand, you could find out you’re an absolute idiot and
you never knew. You went through life thinking you were cool, but really
you were a complete idiot and no one likes you.”

On the other hand, he could meet someone amazing. “A week later, my management got approached with “Secret Princes.'”

Overall, Walters says that audiences have been very kind to him, sending him marriage proposals via email. “The feedback I’ve gotten from the show has been 99.7 percent positive. It seems the American audience has warmed to me!”

Walters enjoyed dating in the U.S., and says he thoroughly enjoyed his month in Atlanta. “American people are very easy to get along with. They’re very open.
American women are a lot more fun to date than U.K. girls. I mean, U.K.
girls are cool as well, but on the whole, U.S. girls seem to be very
expressive and more outgoing.”

How will things go when he reveals his true self to Jasmine? You’ll find out when the “Secret Princes” finale airs on Friday, Oct. 19 at TK p.m. on TLC, but you can see how Rob and the rest of the princes prepared for their big moment in Zap2it’s exclusive sneak peek.

What do you think the reactions will be like? How would you react in their situation?

Posted by:Jean Bentley