seed premiere the cw adam korson 'Seed' star Adam Korson on Canadian sperm donor comedy's second lifeThe CW brings Canadian comedy “Seed” to the U.S. on July 14, but the show has already finished airing its second season in its Northern homeland. While it’s a little strange for the cast to be promoting Season 1 all over again, star Adam Korson tells Zap2it it’s exciting, too.

“It’s kind of like I get to go to the prom all over again,” he says. “I guess it’s a little weird because the characters in the show have already grown so much into the second season, but it’s fun and weird in a cool way because now we get to do it all over again.”

Although there’s no telling how a Canadian import will do in the U.S. — “Rookie Blue,” for example, is one of ABC’s biggest summer shows, but The CW’s last attempt, the critically acclaimed “The L.A. Complex,” failed — Korson says he and his fellow castmates are hoping for the best.

“Hopefully everyone’s going to fall in love with it here,” he says. “We did well up in Canada so at least we have a little bit of confidence coming down here, but you never know how a show is going to do. I’m very proud of this show and at the end of the day you just hope that people enjoy it as much as you did putting it together.”

Korson plays thirtysomething slacker Harry whose blissful life of binge drinking and sleeping with random chicks is interrupted by two kids who discover via some savvy computer skills that he was their sperm donor. He, the kids and the kids’ parents begin to form a tentative, unconventional, modern little family unit.

“He is this bachelor bartender, loving his life, no responsibilities kind of guy but I think on a totally subconscious level for him he wants a family,” Korson explains of his character’s lack of complete freakout when the children find him. “He didn’t grow up with great parents and he didn’t have a great family life growing up. While there’s a little resistance [when the kids initially find him] — there’s the comedy of it all — I think deep down he wants a group of people he can turn to and have in his life.”

Luckily, since Season 2 has already been shot (and aired), we know that Harry will mature and grow into his role as a pseudo-father.

“It’s a very interesting journey that he takes throughout the season. He’s a kid in this first season coming into his own as a father,” Korson says. “With anyone having a baby, you find out you’re having a child and you have 9 months to prepare for that child. It’s not like all of a sudden you have a kid standing at your door. But I think we all go through those moments like ‘What the f*** am I going to do?'”

Harry does try to run from his newfound responsibilities — “he’s still trying to hold on to his bachelorhood in some indirect ways,” Korson says — but he will grow from a “stranger into this really cool uncle figure into a father. My hope is that you guys are going to be able to see the second season as well, because the transformation that Harry undergoes [is satisfying]. But even through his evolution he remains fun-loving and enjoys life.”

“Seed” premieres Monday (July 14) at 9:30 p.m. on The CW.

Posted by:Jean Bentley