spring breakers bikini selena gomez Selena Gomez: 'Spring Breakers' is 'an art piece ... so raw'Selena Gomez (above, far left) is definitely taking on a more grown-up role than ever before in “Spring Breakers,” the new bikini crime spree flick she stars in alongside Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson.

But she’s not worrying about the racy attire the girls spend most of the movie wearing.

“It’s so funny. The rest of the girls were in the trailer doing crunches. I didn’t mind, I didn’t care,” she tells MTV. “People take pictures. People already have opinions. I wasn’t there for that, necessarily. I was playing a character, so I just completely indulged myself in that. So whether I was in a bathing suit or a turtleneck, I was fine.”

Gomez does acknowledge that the more adult subject matter may not be suitable for all of her fans, however.

“I do everything for my fans. I know that I have a younger following, and so I appreciate that, and I’m thankful for that, but I did warn them in my best ability, as I could,” says Gomez. “When I see the parents, I go, ‘Maybe they don’t see this one.'”

“When we premiered it at [a Toronto film festival], there were girls my age who were laughing at the parts they needed to laugh at, scared at the parts they needed to be scared at,” she continues. “I feel like I didn’t give them enough credit, because they understood what this film was. It’s an art piece, and it’s real, and it’s so raw.”

“Spring Breakers” opens nationwide on March 22.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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