selena gomez good morning america abc Selena Gomez vows to protect Justin Bieber from mean people

Selena Gomez capped off her 21st birthday week with a visit to “Good Morning America” to headline the show’s Summer Concert Series. Gomez rose from below the outdoor stage in New York, clad in baggy black leather pants, a long-sleeved crop top and sparkly wedge sneakers to perform her hit songs “Come and Get It,” Slow Down,” Love You Like a Love Song,” and “Birthday.”
Video of the full performance is below, and features Selena doing some of her best Justin Bieber-style mean mugging, crotch grabbing moves.
Speaking of the Biebs, during Selena’s brief “GMA” interview, she explained how it is that she stays on such good terms with her ex. “That’s because he and I have had such a history together,” Gomez explains. “I’ll always care about him and protect him if anyone tries to be mean.” Aww, poor Bieber. Was somebody mean to you? Good thing Selena has your back, little man.

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