seriously funny kids heidi klum 'Seriously Funny Kids': Boogers to talking goldfish, 5 things Heidi Klum will do for laughs

Heidi Klum dropped by the Winter Television Critics Association to talk “Seriously Funny Kids,” her new Lifetime show exploiting kids’ natural proclivity for hilarity.
“It’s really a show for adults,” she says. “The kind of things that are funny to grownups.”
In fact, the supermodel and “Project Runway” host says there’s very little she wouldn’t do to make us laugh. 
“We thought of a hodgepodge of things,” says Klum. “We do so many things. If you watch one week, you don’t know what you’re going to get in the next.”

Here are 5 things Klum says she does to make us laugh:
1.) Interview a dozen or more kids until she finds a gem: “It doesn’t always work,” she says. “I interview 12 to 13 kids a day. Sometimes, nothing happens. When we pre-interview them, they’re really fun and outgoing. But, they get on our set and clam up.”

2.) Fulfills kids’ dreams: For example, she tells us that she blows an unsuspecting 6-year-old boy’s mind with a visit from his favorite basketball player.
3.) Sacrifice her own giggles: “It’s hard for me not to crack up,” she says. “I have to keep a straight face, because I don’t want to let them know it’s a joke.”
4.) Impersonate a goldfish: Klum tricks a few kids when she disappears from the room and then returns via the voice coming from a nearby goldfish. “If these flowers could talk,” says executive producer Eric Schotz, pointing to the arrangement on stage. “Four-year-old kids would talk to them.”
5.) Sport a fake booger: “I had a gigantic snot fit,” she says. “We had all these different boogers we had to choose from. The kids are looking at me and they don’t know what to do. They can’t believe what I have coming out of my nose!”
Since the show doesn’t premiere until Feb. 1, Klum’s unsure if she’ll always be up for anything to make us laugh. “We’ll see afterwards how you feel about the big booger,” she jokes.

Posted by:Jethro Nededog