“Sesame Street,” the beloved children’s television series that has been educating and delighting audiences for more than 40 years, has hit a major milestone: On Tuesday (March 5), the show’s YouTube channel reached one billion views.

And now there is a special Count von Count video to celebrate this historic number.

This is hardly the first YouTube channel to reach one billion views. There are, after all, individual videos (we’re looking at you, “Gangnam Style”) that have racked up similar numbers. But “Sesame Street” is a special case. Not only does the show represent the most popular public programming offering on YouTube, but it’s also the most popular channel for children’s entertainment.

Most of the channel consists of clips from “Sesame Street” episodes past and present. Although guest-star clips are always big draws, pop-culture parodies, videos featuring classic characters, and beloved songs also serve as major draws. The individual video with the highest number of views, for example, is “Elmo’s Song,” at more than 87 million.

No celebration of numbers on “Sesame Street” could happen without the Count though, so it’s fitting that this Muppet stars in the special video commemorating the milestone. His “Counting the ‘You’s in YouTube” is adorable and — as is always the case with “Sesame Street” — educational. After all, even the Count has trouble with a number as vast as one billion.

The question now is, if the Count did count ninja kitties, would that number surpass “Sesame Street”s numbers?

Posted by:Laurel Brown