“Sesame Street” — with the help of Zachary Levi, Kal Penn, Bert and Grover — wants you to remember to put down the technology this summer. There is, after all, a big and non-digital world out there. The “A Lovely Sunny Day” music video (co-produced with Mashable) features Levi and Bert singing about just that.

It’s wonderful and catchy and not-wrong — even if you need technology to read about it or watch the video. Zap2it talked to Levi and Penn about making the video, their love of “Sesame Street” and why you really should get outside, no matter how cool computers are.

“Sesame Street” has a whole website for lovely, sunny day things. Check it out here.

It’s safe to say that both actors jumped at the chance to sing and dance with Muppets when it was offered to them. “Who would say no to that?” Levi asked in response to a question about why he signed on to “A Lovely Sunny Day.” “It seemed like a kind of fun, catchy little song, and honestly even that is an understatement. It is such a good, fun, little catchy song that the team at Mashable and ‘Sesame Street’ collaborated to make! It just ended up being a really fun little deal. I really believe in putting as much as you can, put good messaging and positivity out into the world. And if you can have fun doing it, then awesome.”

While Levi got a formal offer to sing with Bert from “Sesame Street,” Penn’s participation was far more random. “It’s actually been a goal — a top-of-the-list kind of goal,” Penn explained.

But it only happened because he got the right phone call while walking down the right street. “My publicist called and said, ‘Hey where are you? I have another client, my friend Zac Levi, who is doing a thing for Mashable with ‘Sesame Street’ in Madison Square Park. And I know you’ve wanted to meet these guys, so why don’t you just go down there and meet them?’ I was a block away, so I went. This is so random that I was actually a block away from where she was! And then it turned out that there was a cameo in the song that they were looking to fill.”

The two men got to fulfill every kids’ (and most adults’) dream by working with some Muppets as well. But who do they still want to meet someday? For Penn, that’s a tough choice. “I think everyone sort of gravitates towards Kermit because he gets to do both ‘Sesame Street’ and the Muppet movies,” the actor said. “Bert was up there. Grover is actually up there for me, because he’s a little bit out there. If I had to pick one, I’d probably say Cookie Monster. But I can’t really pick one!”

Levi had a similarly tough time coming up with just one Muppet, but he did have a strong idea for one of them: “I got Bert, but I’d love to get Ernie. I’d love to do a little ‘Rubber Duckie’ duet with Ernie. That would be pretty fun.”

Is this the last fans will see of Levi with “Sesame Street”? The answer is very much a no if he has anything to say about it. “I just want to go to the set, darn it!” Levi exclaimed. “I’ve worked with ‘Sesame Street’ twice and I’ve never been to the street!”

Posted by:Laurel Brown