Seth Green is apparently the king of the prankster world. When he visited “Conan” on Wednesday (April 30), the “Robot Chicken” creator and “Dads” star made it very clear that he understood the subtle — or not so subtle — art of the prank.

Green was even involved in faking a cat-murder crime scene.

The conversation began innocently enough, talking about how Green and some of his friends used to, as teenagers, untie big balloon creatures from the tops of buildings. “When you’re 16 and organizing your world view there’s something satisfying about watching a two-story King Kong fly up 30 feet in the air and sag in the middle of Lankershim Boulevard,” the actor pointed out. He wasn’t worried about Conan O’Brien’s concerns regarding legality and safety.

This is definitely true to this day. Green recounted a much more recent prank in which a friend went out of town, leaving her cat to be fed by friends. She made a poor choice. “My wife and a couple of friends were like, ‘Let’s stage the most brutal crime scene in her apartment while she’s gone and they did,” Green explained. “Everything from bloody handprints to exterior windows to taped outlines of the cat with an evidence marker … My friend knew it was a joke, obviously, because they don’t make chalk outlines of animals.”

Let this be a lesson to all: Never trust Seth Green.

Posted by:Laurel Brown