seth meyers emmys host gi Emmys 2014 host Seth Meyers: 'Orphan Black' snub is better for showSeth Meyers doesn’t want to be the awards show host who takes the spotlight away from the show’s winners. The “Late Night with Seth Meyers” star will make his Emmy Awards debut when he hosts the show on Aug. 25, and he admits to Zap2it that he understands sometimes the best thing a host can do is step back.

“Everybody always says it’s important to keep it moving, but I’m not going to do anything to keep it moving,” he says during an interview conducted in July. “I think in the third hour if you come up with an idea that you think is funny, you have to be aware that you might be bordering on indulgence for people who have been sitting there that long.”

Thanks to his years representing “Saturday Night Live” at the Emmys, Meyers admits he didn’t need to do too much research when it came to working on his Emmy hosting style. He already feels he has a sense of “what works and what doesn’t,” and says the biggest insight he gained from previous hosts is to play to his own strengths.

“I’m as good as my jokes. We just want to have the best joke writers work on it, and try to craft a strong opening monologue to start the night,” Meyers says. “For me and my own confidence going into the night, it’s so much more important to focus on that first 10 minutes than any sort of thing that happens with that.”

Meyers also plans on bringing a few filmed sketches to the Emmys. He enjoyed in July being able to “work with the lead time we have right not to try to come up with what those one or two film pieces might be, try to reach out to the people we would want to participate in them and see if it’s realistic to try to pull it off before Aug. 25.”

In 2014, the Emmys are airing on a Monday for the first time in almost 40 years. Meyers isn’t letting the move from Sundays stress him out, and instead is planning to use it for comedic fodder.

“For us, it’s just nice to have something different to be able to talk about and try to find some humor from it,” he says. “But as far as the actual approach to the show, there’s not the way you host the Emmys on a Wednesday or a Tuesday or a Monday. You have to just go out and host the Emmys.”

As someone who likes “watching television” and likes “reading about television,” Meyers has his own favorites when it comes to Emmy nominees. He does admit that he’s disappointed that Jack Gleeson didn’t get nominated for “Game of Thrones” (though to be fair the man behind King Joffrey wasn’t submitted for a nomination), but he tries not to get too bogged down in who gets recognized and who doesn’t. 

“Every year there are a lot of great people who don’t get nominations, so I try not to waste too much energy being too upset about it,” he says.

That being said, Meyers doesn’t think a snub is the worst thing that can happen to a show. “The nice thing about snubs — and no one will ever say this — but if you get enough ink for being a snub, that probably draws as many eyes to a show as being nominated and not winning,” he admits. “Right now, I feel, people are talking more about ‘Orphan Black’ [being snubbed] than they would talk about ‘Orphan Black’ come Emmy time when they’re talking about all the shows.”

The 66th annual Emmy Awards air Monday, Aug. 25 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on NBC.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz