seth meyers time late night Seth Meyer's 'Late Night' sounds a lot like an NBC 'Daily Show'

Seth Meyers is graduating to late night talk show host after a successful run on “Saturday Night Live,” and it seems he’ll be taking his “Weekend Update” persona with him. The comedian covers Time Magazine‘s first issue of 2014 and opens up about the direction in which he wants “Late Night with Seth Meyers” to head.

Based on what Meyers describes, it sounds like “Late Night” could end up looking a lot like the network version of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” As Time’s James Poniewozik writes, “Don’t expect Meyers to sing [on ‘Late Night’]. Like a groom planning a wedding, he doesn’t yet even know if he’ll have a DJ or a band. His interests are politics, sports, current events. … He’s a cerebral and incisive stand-up who can cut sharp with a nice guy’s smile.”

The piece notes that it was Meyers who wrote much of Tina Fey‘s Sarah Palin material back in 2008. Producer Mike Shoemaker also says that “Late Night” will include interview subjects like authors, explainers and politicians instead of the traditional celebrities. Guess what also is a late night program that turns to those types of guests? “The Daily Show.”

Meyers says he is planning to have staff playing recurring characters on the show and an emphasis on more sketches. That sounds like a clear shift away from Jimmy Fallon‘s take on the show. “I like that everyone before me has established this as a place to try things out,” Meyers tells Time. “It’s 12:35 at night. You can do crazy stuff.”

There are some aspects that will remain traditional, like an opening monologue, a late night desk and celebrity guests. But considering Meyers’ Weekend Update is a beloved a “fake news” source like “The Daily Show,” it would make sense that NBC would position him as being a competitor of sorts now that he’s taking over “Late Night.”

HBO is already doing something similar with John Oliver after his successful run covering for Stewart on “The Daily Show” over the summer. The network is launching a “topical comedy series” with Oliver Sunday nights in 2014. His final “The Daily Show” episode was on Dec. 19.

Meyers takes over “Late Night” in February when Fallon moves over to “The Tonight Show.” Amy Poehler is expected to be his first guest, Time reports. Meyers’ last “Saturday Night Live” show won’t be before the beginning of February.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz