shaggy not dead just a death hoax gi Shaggy not dead   'It Wasn't Me' singer is latest death hoax victimEveryone, relax. Shaggy is not dead. If you see #RIPShaggy pop up in your Twitter feed, do not be alarmed. Mr. Boombastic, aka Orville Richard Burrell, is still alive and kicking, and probably still creepin’ with the girl next door, bangin’ on the bathroom floor, etc.

The singer’s rep tells TMZ the reggae singer is still breathing, and will apparently never die — huge relief, folks — because he’s “like a cat with nine lives.” As a matter of fact, Shaggy is still making music. He released a few tracks in 2012, including a cover of Cyndi Lauper‘s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” featuring rapper Eve, whom you may also have forgotten existed. He also appeared at the Grammys last year, in case you’re keeping track.

In a case of the chicken and the egg, someone updated Shaggy’s Wikipedia page with the information he was deceased, but it’s not known whether that inspired the Twitter trend, or whether the hoax started on Twitter, someone bought in, and wanted to do their civil duty by updating his wiki.

Now that everyone is breathing a sigh of relief, let’s take a trip down memory lane and get the 2000 monster hit stuck in our collective heads again.

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