emmy rossum shameless gynecologist 'Shameless' Emmy Rossum shares 'mortifying' gynecologist experience

It’s a good thing Emmy Rossum stars on Showtime’s “Shameless,” because she has no problem sharing some TMI stories on Twitter. The actress details an experience when she bumped into her gynecologist and didn’t recognize him.

“Just had the most AWKWARD moment.Saw a man I recognized but couldn’t figure out HOW I knew him. He was SO familiar but I couldn’t place him,” she tweets. “So finally I leaned over and said, Excuse me but you look so familiar. Do I know you? He said, Hi Emmy. It’s Dr Katz. I’m your gynocologist.”

While some might laugh off the incident, Rossum didn’t take it so well. “Horrifying. Mortifying,” she adds. “Has that or anything like that happened to any of you?? Come on, tell me it has. Make me feel less like an idiot.”

Would you have been as mortified as Rossum in this situation?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz