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In true “Shameless” fashion, nothing is easy in Sunday’s (Feb. 6) episode. And that includes the Gallagher family and those around them.
Even after Kev (played by Steve Howey) admitted to Veronica (Shanola Hampton) that he’s already married, they decide to go forward on a sham wedding. It turns out that Veronica’s late father left her some money to buy a home only after she was married. So, the temptation of that (plus the few household appliances they’d receive as gifts) led Veronica to change her mind. Of course, it only ended up being $500 in the end, but they didn’t quite care at that point.
The shotgun wedding put into a motion a crazy array of schemes to find a priest who would do the fake wedding (to please Veronica’s mom). And it led to one of our favorite lines of the episode. It was when Kev said that he can’t wait to have his own mixed-race kids, which he calls “tomorrow people.” How endearing was that?
In the meantime, the other characters made some interesting choices and very human choices amidst their larger-than-life antics. Ian (Cameron Monaghan) had the chance of a night of hooking up with Kash (Pej Vahdat) while his wife and kids were away for the weekend. He ended up freaking out at Kash’s home with all the family mementos surrounding them. And, we believe this is the first time he has showed some guilt over the relationship.
Meanwhile, the very self-destructive Frank (William H. Macy) was faced with his own mortality when a cyst was discovered hanging out with his testicles. For the first time we saw him really express the desire to live and even wonder if there was more in life that he still wanted to do. The cyst was benign and he quickly forgot his troubles in the festivities of the wedding. Still, it will be interesting to see if any of that desire returns in future episodes.
We also revisit Fiona’s (Emmy Rossum) attraction to Steve (Justin Chatwin). He’s unpredictable and exciting, but as Veronica points out when he’s late to drop off her wedding cake, that also makes him untrustworthy. Fiona, being the caretaker of her entire family, is turned on by Steve’s unpredictability. And we get it. But can that or should that relationship last? Or should she really be with Tony (Tyler Jacob Moore) the cop, who’s pretty much the complete opposite of Steve? 
With all that we learned in this episode, we feel some pretty dramatic choices are still to be made this season. 
What are your expectations of the characters’ for “tomorrow,” people?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog