shameless 410 recap 'Shameless' Season 4, episode 10 recap: 'Liver, I Hardly Know Her'

Meet the new Frank, same as the old Frank. After breaking down in an emotional mess last week on “Shameless,” Fiona somehow hit an even sadder new low. The episode kicked off with her partying with Robbie and his friends, all of whom are terrible influences. The cocaine and booze are flowing and Fiona even takes a bit of ecstasy, though she doesn’t remember it.
All of the Gallaghers make mention of it at one point of another, as they search the city for her, that her behavior is what they’ve come to expect for Frank. With him in the midst of his death rattle, Fiona is easily slipping into that role.
Eventually, she resurfaces at a gas station in Wisconsin. Lip arrives to save the day again, of course, and she apologizes. However, it’s Lip that’s really sorry. While she’s been going through her drama, he’s been shutting her out and focusing on school. They haven’t been acting like the family we’ve come to know and love at all.
It sounds like that moment might finally be coming to pass as Lip takes her directly to the police, where Fiona is ready to face the wrath of her probation officer.
As for the old Frank, his time is drawing near, or at least it was. A last ditch effort to save his life saw Sheila and Sammi pay for a black market liver transplant. They didn’t research their back alley surgeons very well though, because instead of getting a liver, Frank’s kidney was removed.
With his time up, Sheila rushes through a wedding in the hospital only for a doctor and team of nurses to magically appear and say Frank’s getting a new liver, all legitimate like. It turns out that getting his kidney removed left him in bad enough shape that he got bumped up the transplant list and how he’s a prime candidate. It sounds like Frank will live in the end, after all. He’s just not aware of it yet, because “pills” is the only word he can utter at this point.
Carl and Bonnie continued their crime spree, this time driving a stolen car through the front of a liquor store to steal candy. We also got some insight on Bonnie’s home life. She’s homeless and her dad is in jail. More importantly, she likes Carl enough to kiss him, which he seems to enjoy.
Vee and Kev are parents again, following the birth of the twins. Their need for money comes at the worst time for Kev, who is having a bit of a disagreement with his business partner, Mickey. Kev foolishly use the gun Mickey gave him to rob him for the extra massage parlor money and Mickey seems out for blood, in the most comical of ways. It’s strange how something so serious can me played in such a funny way.
For the most part, happier times seem ahead as Fiona takes responsibility for her life, Lip cuts her some slack and Frank gets a new liver. It’s not all great, though. After being beaten by her boyfriend last week, Mandy returns to him in “Liver, I Hardly Know Her” and that can’t possibly end well.
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