shameless 411 recap showtime 'Shameless' Season 4, episode 11 recap: 'Emily' brings Mickey and Ian violent peace

Frank’s going to live after all, but his post-operative delirium on “Shameless” might actually be something to help him change his ways. When Frank finally awoke from his sedation, he didn’t know who anyone was and confused his visitors for other people in his life.
Most notably, it was Emily who has a profound impact on Frank. The little girl with a failing heart shared a room with him and he was able to convince himself she was Fiona. Seeing as her dad had split, she was more than willing to let the ailing Frank fill the role for however long he would.
Unfortunately, Emily’s heart isn’t strong enough to last until a transplant comes through and the episode ends with her dying while Frank mourns the loss of his daughter. If this is something he will remember once the delirium passes, it could be a catalyst for change. With a new liver and a new lease on life, a change is exactly what Frank needs.
Fiona has a bit of change going on herself. After completely blowing her probation out of the water, she’s been carted off to jail. That’s what happens when you break all of the rules all of the time. This time she seems to be more accepting of the environment, if only because she has finally realized it’s her own actions that have gotten her there.
Meanwhile, it’s time for Lip to meet Amanda’s parents and terrify them. That’s part of their deal, but with Fiona in jail he’s also got his hands full taking care of the kids at home. That’s when he comes up with a genius idea: Bring the parents to the Gallagher house for dinner. What could possibly scare them more?
The easy answer is to have Carl also move in Bonnie’s homeless siblings. A house filled with crazy kids is the icing on the cake. Throw a surprise visit from Child Protective Services into the mix and it’s a big night. Of course, the social worker isn’t happy about any of it. However, when she realizes Lip allowed the extra kids into his house because they’re homeless and it’s cold outside, she gained a new respect for him. No more surprise visits to their house.
As for the parents, they offer Lip $10,000 to go away, which he takes. That might sound harsh, but it was Amanda’s plan all along. If only he had held out for just a bit more money.
In the biggest moment of the episode, Mickey finally admitted to everyone he was gay. That everyone included his recently paroled father who went on a rampage. The two have a vicious fight that sends the elder Milkovich back to jail. Now that it’s out in the open though, there’s no more reason for Mickey and Ian to hide. Now they just need to get to the bottom of whatever’s wrong with Ian.
Only one episode until the end of Season 4. What did you think of “Emily”?
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