shameless 403 recap 'Shameless' Season 4, episode 3 recap: Frank and Sammi get too close for comfort

Well, that certainly was an interesting episode of “Shameless.” After the reveal in episode 2 that Frank (William H. Macy) had another daughter, that promise was certainly delivered on in the form of Sammi (Emily Bergl).
The problem is, she doesn’t know Frank’s her dad and, instead, seems romantically interested in him, which is a whole new level of creepy on the Frank Gallagher scale. She’s willing to give him a piece of her liver though, so Frank is trying to figure out a way to make everything work.
Sammi also has a son, meaning Frank is a grandpa. He takes a bit of a liking to the pudgy kid and hopefully gets a chance to play the grandpa role. Maybe that’ll be enough to make him act like an adult once in a while, though probably not.
Fiona (Emmy Rossum) continues to spend more time with her boyfriend than the kids she’s a legal guardian of. That is, until she somehow accidentally sleeps with his brother, a recovering drug addict. A non-chaotic romantic relationship just doesn’t seem to be something she can handle.
While she’s off living her new life, Debs (Emma Kenney) convinces herself she’s ready for sex at 13, or rather her friends peer pressure her into thinking she is. Her much older boyfriend doesn’t agree, but he keeps cooking for her. Fiona needs to be home once in a while to see what, exactly, is happening with Debs because it’s scary how quickly she’s changed.
Meanwhile, Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) continues trying to score drugs for Frank to ease the pain. His loyalty to his dad is admirable but will end badly, like everything Frank touches.
Lip’s (Jeremy Allen White) college troubles continue because he can’t find enough hours in the day to work and properly study. His performance in class is suffering as a result and he also seems to be missing home quite a bit. The flash mobs aren’t sitting too well with him, either.
Still no Ian (Cameron Monaghan), but he’s got to pop up at some point. He can’t get away with using Lip’s ID forever. No Gallagher is that lucky.
Looking forward, Fiona and her boyfriend’s brother aren’t done with their dirty business just yet, but Frank and Sammi are the interesting story. Eventually she’s going to have to figure out who he is.
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