shameless 406 recap showtime 'Shameless' Season 4, episode 6: Frank is at death's door, Fiona goes to jail

After the shocking events in the last episode of “Shameless,” with Liam accidentally ingesting cocaine Fiona (Emmy Rossum) left laying around, she was arrested and is now going through the justice system.
It’s not like Fiona didn’t bring this on herself. Kev can try and defend her as much as he likes, Fiona has been on an oddly destructive path this season, ever since landing her new job. She’s a creature of chaos and while her financial life was on an upswing, she needed an outlet for destruction. First it came in the form of tanking her relationship with Robbie, then it was a little cocaine at a party.
Even Lip can’t bring himself to care about the trouble Fiona is in, because he’s concerned about his hospitalized brother, as he should be. With the news that Liam could suffer brain damage of some sort thanks to the drug, Fiona being locked up in county jail goes on the back burner.
Luckily, it seems by the end of the episode that Liam will be okay. Fiona also manages to post bail, thanks to Robbie. Still, he tells her he doesn’t want to see her anymore. Not a bad parting gift.
Liam isn’t the only one in the hospital. After passing out at the sweat lodge, Frank (William H. Macy) wakes up with Sammi and a doctor by his side. The doctor tells him what we already know just by looking at him: Frank’s time is very short. At this point, there’s really no saving him after a lifetime of drinking. It’s the first time Frank has been truly vulnerable, coming to terms with the end of his life after being briefly placed in hospice care.
On the bright side, Sammi gets introduced to the family and seems to like them. That could be useful if Fiona loses custody of the kids, which seems possible based on her current legal predicament. Sammi is a responsible enough adult to take on the rest of the Gallaghers and it’d get her out f that trailer she’s living in. She’s been an interesting addition to the show, so her sticking around wouldn’t be so bad.
In other news, Debs used Liam being hospitalized as a way to get back into her much older boyfriend’s good graces. So much so that he joins her at the hospital, which Lip isn’t all that thrilled about. Finally, after a quick appearance last week, Ian was gone once again. Lip wants him to know what’s going on with Liam, and asks Mandy to pass the message along. Then, for one reason or another, Sheila bid her life goodbye to go live with her Native American internet boyfriend at the casino. That should go well.
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