shameless 407 recap 'Shameless' Season 4, episode 7: Fiona is guilty and she knows it

The most important thing viewers saw on Sunday’s (Feb. 23) episode of “Shameless” was Fiona (Emmy Rossum) hitting what might be considered her rock bottom. After Liam got into her cocaine and ended up in the hospital, she was more concerned for her own welfare, rather than taking responsibility. She was, of course, worried about Liam, but after a little time in county jail, she felt like the victim.
That continued through the majority of the episode, but it was Lip who finally put her in line, telling her what she should already know: She’s the guardian of these kids, and anything bad that happens to them is her fault. What happened to Liam was the result of her poor decisions, and if she chose to fight the charges and ended up in jail, it would ruin Lip’s life. He’d have to drop out of college to become head of the family.
That’s why, when she appeared in court to accept a plea deal, her admitting guilt was such a strong moment. Fiona realized what she’d done was, in fact, her fault and that it had changed several lives forever.
She also realized just how reckless she’s been recently. What this means for her job remains to be seen, but Fiona is going to have to pay the piper in the form of probation and parenting classes. She’ll also be classified as a felon. With those two words, “I’m guilty,” she took the first step toward regaining a measure of control in her life, and it’s long overdue.
In other news, Frank got kicked out of the house again. After Fiona and Lip’s blowout argument, Frank was found unconscious after shooting up heroin. Smart move, Frank. He got kicked to the street, Sammi and her kid along with him. Sammi is too stuck on building a relationship with Frank to worry about the Gallagher clan. After leaving the house, they break into Sheila’s place to stay for the time being.
In the chaos, it was almost lost that Deb’s “boyfriend” finally called things off for good because she’s too young. That led her to experimenting with cutting, after learning that a friend does it. She realizes a bit too late how much it’ll hurt, though. Hopefully that will deter her from trying it again.
Finally, Ian entered the picture once again, though he was high as a kite. Mickey went looking for him, so he knew what was happening with his family. Of course, Ian refused to go. Instead, Mickey waits until he’s passed out on the street to pick him up and take him home. It all goes according to plan, Ian will be back in the Gallagher house by the next episode.
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