shannen doherty fan suicide twitter gi Shannen Doherty calls police after Twitter follower threatens suicideShannen Doherty took a Twitter follower’s threat to kill herself on Sunday (Nov. 11) very seriously, going so far as to contact police from across the country to make sure the fan was safe.

Westampton Township Police Department in New Jersey confirms via TMZ that Doherty told officers she had received tweets from a fan who threatened to kill herself unless Doherty called her. She was able to get the fan to reveal her address, and police were dispatched to the 27-year-old woman’s house.

Police say they spoke with the fan and did not believe she intended to harm herself. They also offered her medical attention, which she declined, leaving the woman in the care of family members who were also home at the time.
“Thank you to the Westampton police department for being diligent and so reassuring,” Doherty later tweeted

Posted by:Jennifer Harper