shark week 2014 programs discovery channel Shark Week will return to the Discovery Channel

Shark Week is set to return to the Discovery Channel this August, featuring more shark-related programming than ever. In addition to 12 Shark Week episodes, Discovery will premiere its first ever Shark Week late-night talk show.

That talk show, “Shark After Dark,” will air each evening during the week. A host will lead an hour-long celebration of shark stuff, complete with shark experts, attack survivors and other guests.

Other Shark Week shows include:

  • Sharkpocalypse” — In a year of multiple shark encounters, this program examines the trend of sharks moving closer to shorelines and whether there is a connection between declining populations and increasing shark attacks.
  • Shark Cam” — A robot submarine tracks sharks in a new way. One program resulting from this is “Return of Jaws,” about great white sharks off the coast of Cape Cod.
  • Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives” — Could the 60-foot relative of the great white shark still exist deep in the ocean? Experts examine the evidence for the continued existence of the megalodon in the present day.
  • I Escaped Jaws” — Stories from survivors are highlighted with first-hand accounts and real attack footage from witnesses.
  • Voodoo Sharks” — Bull sharks move into the bayous of Louisiana, where they thrive in both salt and fresh water.
  • Great White Serial Killer” — Natural history producer Jeff Kurr examines two fatal shark attacks off the coast of California. Was one shark responsible for both incidents?
  • Air Jaws: Beyond the Breach” — A documentary crew will go behind-the-scenes of an “Air Jaws” to show what the program has changed in shark knowledge. This will also feature a sneak peek into 2014’s “Air Jaws: Finding Colossus.”
  • Spawn of Jaws” — A scientist is on the verge of a major breakthrough as he reveals the full life cycle of the great white shark for the first time.
  • The Great White Gauntlet” — Abalone diving can be both lucrative and dangerous, since great white sharks make the same area their feeding grounds.
  • Sharks Behaving Badly” — Using YouTube and firsthand stories, this show takes a look at the more humorous shark encounters. It will also discuss appropriate behavior when encountering a shark.
  • Top 10 Sharkdown” — A focus on the international shark attack records gives an idea of which sharks you don’t want to encounter.
  • Alien Monster Sharks” — American and Japanese scientists descend to the deepest parts of the ocean to research the most elusive sharks on the planet, including the Goblin shark and the giant Megamouth shark.

The 26th annual Shark Week will begin on Sunday, Aug. 4 at 8pm on the Discovery Channel.

Posted by:Laurel Brown